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Game: Dragon Nest
Version: North America [Nexon]
Server: Velskud (West)
Name: Yggdrasil
Level: 10 (as of 04/23/2012)
Total Members: 100 +/-
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  • Port: 9778

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    (Pt. 4) Beginner's Guide

    Game Interface
    1.1 - Menu options
    1.2 - Changing your Controls To Something More Bearable
    1.3 - Becoming a hotkey fanatic
    1.4 - Chat Functions

    Quests, Leveling, Apprenticeship
    2.1 - Become a Visual Learner
    2.2 - Empowerment Points
    2.3 - Having Friends Makes Your EXP Happy!
    2.4 - The Master and the Apprentice

    Getting to Know Your Character
    3.1 - Stats, Equipment, Prefix, and Potential
    3.2 - ARMs (or Heraldry, whatever the hell you wanna call it)
    3.3 - Titles
    3.4 - Final Attack

    Lovers, Marketplace, and Profit!
    4.1 - Abyss Mode and Putting your Master/Apprentice to good use
    4.2 - NPCs love you! Become a Pimp :|
    4.3 - Trash that Shouldn't Be Trashed
    4.4 - The Marketplace

    What Else Is There to Do?
    5.1 - The Dark Lair
    5.2 - The Arena
    5.3 - The Farm
     - Chaos Realm

    Lovers, Marketplace, and Profit!
    There's a number of ways to make a profit in this game, but I will not discuss the best ones here.
    I realized a lot of people I met completely overlooked some of this stuff, and hurt their profits from an early stage.
    This should clear up any concerns about what you should be collecting and what you shouldn't!

    4.1 - Abyss Mode and Putting Your Master/Apprentice to Good Use
    So you probably know that Abyss Mode is the hardest dungeon mode for missions, and that it provides a lot of mobs and drops.
    - You may also know that having a Master means there's better drop, better chance of white bunny, and you always get a key.

    Low level Abyss runs do not use as much FTG as those in St. Heaven, but they can still hurt if you duo, though the reward is great for someone starting out.
    From a low level, if you have a Master, you can take advantage and get yourself some cheap / found equips to help you level easier.
    - You can also stock up dimension keys to waste in runs with your master in St. Heaven for a bigger gain in Dimension Pieces to NPC or save up.

    Also, having a dimension key when a White Bunny appears nets you an Epic-grade Skill Plate and a rare NPC gift item.

    4.2 - NPCs love you! Become a Pimp. :|
    When you start out, you'll already see that the event planner already has some love saved up for you, well this will happen with a lot of other NPCs too.

    You might be wondering what this means, and if it's of any concern, well..

    The NPCs in this game just love being spoiled like a whore with gifts :|
    -Feed them steadily and talk to them nicely and many will reward you with gifts of their own.

    Whole new system involving the NPCs, they're now part of several Coalitions!

    Giving gifts to NPCs increases coalition points for specific ones, and they're definitely worth saving up for some VERY NICE benefits!
    -You'd be crazy to npc gifts, always turn them in!

    Golden Goose Traders:
    Made up of the merchants of Altair. Gain the liking of these guys and you're bound for some discounts!

    Cassius Palace:
    The Royalty of Altair. They'll provide you with the potential to become a strong adventurer!

    Free Adventurer's Guild :
    Made up of all the adventurers in Altair. They'll provide you with the skills to become proficient at farming!

    Y (default) in game to see who is a part of what and to check out how many points you have! The UI is very organized and needs no further guide to it.

    Some NPCs such as Cassius and Bluff Pope will give you gifts in diamonds for working on them, and other NPCs, such as Lindsay and Ropi, will reward you with rare and expensive gifts.. 

    4.3 - Trash that shouldn't be trashed
    When you start out, you'll find you have some limited space, and a lot of items to sift through.
    Well you can imagine just about everything you're going to get up till level 32 is crap and a half.
    So the best advice one could get is to just NPC everything! Get equipment that matters and keep pushing until you're at that level where gems matter.

    Things to consider NPCing - under level 32 :
    - Non-color bordered objects, commission board bags (Yes, the ones outside mission runs. Don't even open them, they NPC for a LOT more than the crap inside.)
    - Crappy equipment of all colors. (rares and epic-grades you could sell for a tiny profit on the market if you're starting out though.)
    - Low level plates of all colors. (unless you're starting out and need some bad stats to scrape by on ;;)
    - Gem pieces and lesser gems (again, you can make a minor profit shoving them in the market if you're starting out!)

    Things to consider holding onto :

    Dimension KeysDimensional Pieces
    - Dimensional Pieces are a decision you have to make. Many people stock or NPC depending on whether their Skill Plates are expensive as hell or not :|
    - If you decide you're going to be NPCing Dimensional Pieces for profit, try to rack up enough golden goose points for the VIP benefit!
    - Holding onto Dimension Keys in storage from bosses is nice too, because higher level runs = more Dimensional Pieces! (20+ at times)
    *If you're a Force User, Paladin, or Bowmaster, it may be a good idea to build them up for your skill plates.

    Intermediate GemsDiamonds
    -They're mandatory for enhancing the main equipment you'll be wearing at level 40! Always a good idea to stock and sell.

    Epic-Grade Level 32/40 EquipmentRare Level 40 Equipment
    -You can sell popular Epic-grade equipment for a good profit on the market!
    -You can also turn those cruddy Epic-grade equips and lv40+ rares into profit at the Disassembly Machine outside of every town (after enhancing that is!)

    Dark Lair Tickets
    *TIP : Use your Mailbox as a secondary form of storage! Build up your Dark Lair and Circus Tickets in there and pull when needed.

    Goddess Tears Lv32/40
    - Well it's really your decision, but they become a daily event for you once you hit level 16.
    - You can use these to get some sexy effects for your weapons! (50 tears though.. Not as bad as before.)

    4.4 - The Marketplace
    That one big thing any game cannot live without. :|

    Well it's a straightforward deal, search for what you want in it.

    Things to know about selling :
    You can have up to 5 items up at a time, a total of 30 items in the market a week.
    - Items stay up for 12 hours. You get charged tax for putting up an item.
    If you use a Special Market Coupon, you can have 15 items at one time, unlimited amounts per week, for 30 days.
    - Your items will also receive priority sorting, showing up in a golden border on the market for 24 hours.
    - No tax is charged for putting up an item.

    By default, when you enter the market, you're adjusted to seeing only items that pertain to you.
    A neat thing about the market too is if you wanted to find an item you currently have, hold SHIFT + Left Click on that item!
    - The Market will automatically adjust the search function to find exactly this item and any other item of color value and level.

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