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Game: Dragon Nest
Version: North America [Nexon]
Server: Velskud (West)
Name: Yggdrasil
Level: 10 (as of 04/23/2012)
Total Members: 100 +/-
  • Label: Yggdrasil
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  • Port: 9778

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    (Pt. 1) Beginner's Guide

    This guide is a reformatted and edited (removed useless/irrelevant information) version of Arkena's original guide.

    Game Interface

    1.1 - Menu options
    1.2 - Changing your Controls To Something More Bearable
    1.3 - Becoming a hotkey fanatic
    1.4 - Chat Functions

    Quests, Leveling, Apprenticeship
    2.1 - Become a Visual Learner
    2.2 - Empowerment Points
    2.3 - Having Friends Makes Your EXP Happy!
    2.4 - The Master and the Apprentice

    Getting to Know Your Character
    3.1 - Stats, Equipment, Prefix, and Potential
    3.2 - ARMs (or Heraldry, whatever the hell you wanna call it)
    3.3 - Titles
    3.4 - Final Attack

    Lovers, Marketplace, and Profit!
    4.1 - Abyss Mode and Putting your Master/Apprentice to good use
    4.2 - NPCs love you! Become a Pimp :|
    4.3 - Trash that Shouldn't Be Trashed
    4.4 - The Marketplace

    What Else Is There to Do?
    5.1 - The Dark Lair
    5.2 - The Arena
    5.3 - The Farm
     - Chaos Realm

    Game Interface
    Ok, so, yeah, Game Interface. Woo. Right. You'll figure out how to get accustomed to your own personal bubble here.
    WASD to move, left click to attack, right click to kick (or special attack), spacebar to jump, G to quick turn. Fun stuff.

    1.1 - Menu Options
    When you press Esc in game, you'll see 10 buttons in this order :

    Help - More detailed information on in-game function.
    Controls - Shows you default Keyboard Setup.
    Channel Selection - Alternate way of changing channels besides hitting top right channel bar.
    Game Settings - Allows you to adjust In-game displays, public options, macros, video adjustment.
    System Settings - Allows you to adjust graphics, sound, control, voice chat.
    Return to Town - Self-Explanatory. :|
    Character Screen - Really now.
    Unstuck When Trapped - If you're stuck in an embarrassing situation (stuck literally), use this or /escape to further relieve yourself.
    Exit Game - GTFO

    1.2 - Changing Your Controls to Something More Bearable
    Alright, so you may notice that your skillls are at 1-0 and that you can tab through two bars by hitting ~. You may also realize having this annoying bar of skills can be REALLY frustrating.

    So you'll want to change it to be less masochistic right? Well, it can be a bit confusing but I'll explain how you can do that.

    You'll have to go to [System] on the menu to work with your controls.

    This is how I have my skills :
    1 2 3 Q E R C Ctrl

    G to quick-turn
    ~ to switch through the two hotkey bars
    and everything else in an isolated location (ex : num pad)

    But wait! There were functions previously in E R and other places! If I try to switch to those the game tells me I can't.
    -You're going to have to move those keys first to some unused keys on your keyboard, hit APPLY, then go back and move your skills into those newly-emptied spots. Yeah it's frustrating, but there's no other way about it.

    1.3 - Becoming a Hotkey Fanatic
    Probably the most useful thing available to us (and also widely abused).

    Technically speaking these are best suited for difficult raids such as Seadragon, but we can't expect that from everyone, now can we :|

    F1 = Heal
    F2 = Attack
    F3 = Follow me (or OMG HURRY UP U NOOB when used by DN NA's more graceful players)
    F4 = Run Away
    F5 = Stop
    F6 = Help Me (this is fun to abuse if you want to confuse someone ;w)
    F7 - F10 is adjustable.

    Well knowing that the last 4 hot keys are adjustable, you can shove some revealing facts about yourself in there or whatever. In a foreign version though, these will provide useful for quickslotting some useful phrases.

    1.4 - Chat Functions

    /s or /1 = general
    /g or /2 = guild
    /p or /3 = party
    /w or /4 <name> = whisper
    /r = Last person from whisper

    C (default) = Chat Command

    You can create a social chatroom or trade room using the Chat command, for when you, you know, get bored or want to try and screw people of their gold for your supar omgawd amazing +11111111 items.

    Yggdrasil Login


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