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    (Pt. 3) Beginner's Guide

    Game Interface
    1.1 - Menu options
    1.2 - Changing your Controls To Something More Bearable
    1.3 - Becoming a hotkey fanatic
    1.4 - Chat Functions

    Quests, Leveling, Apprenticeship
    2.1 - Become a Visual Learner
    2.2 - Empowerment Points
    2.3 - Having Friends Makes Your EXP Happy!
    2.4 - The Master and the Apprentice

    Getting to Know Your Character
    3.1 - Stats, Equipment, Prefix, and Potential
    3.2 - ARMs (or Heraldry, whatever the hell you wanna call it)
    3.3 - Titles
    3.4 - Final Attack

    Lovers, Marketplace, and Profit!
    4.1 - Abyss Mode and Putting your Master/Apprentice to good use
    4.2 - NPCs love you! Become a Pimp :|
    4.3 - Trash that Shouldn't Be Trashed
    4.4 - The Marketplace

    What Else Is There to Do?
    5.1 - The Dark Lair
    5.2 - The Arena
    5.3 - The Farm
     - Chaos Realm

    Getting to Know Your Character.
    You're probably going to want to know what's best for your character, so this will explain some of those little things for being powerful.

    3.1 - Stats, Equipment and Potential.
    Basic Stuff.

    1 STR = .5 Phys. Atk (.25 Long Range), 3 Delay, 3 Delay Resist, 2.5 Stun.
    1 AGI = .5 Long Range Phys Atk (.25 Melee), 10.5 Critical Resist, 3.5 Critical.
    1 INT = .5 Mag. Atk (.75 for Sorceresses), 35 MP, 0.8 Magic Def.
    1 VIT = 30 HP, .6 Defense, 2.5 Stun Resist

    STR matters most to Melee Swordmaster / Mercenaries, Paladin.
    AGI matters most to Long Range Physical Acrobat / Bowmaster.
    INT for magic users obviously ;w
    VIT is a secondary stat for all characters.

    So now you know what your stats are, you need to know what type of equipment matters most for your characters.

    Once you hit that max level you're going to want to make a shift to better equipment.
    Typically, Nest Sets (Manticore, Apocalypse, Bishop) are the best, but in order to get those you need to be strong enough to handle em.

    With the new Equipment System out now, All equips you get are plain old garbage. Booooo
    Anyways what you need to do now is imbue them with a prefix!

    The developers have tried to make this game as little reliant on raw power as possible now, but there are still flaws. You can get prefixes such as :
    Bear (% chance for delay resist buff),
    Wind (% chance for crit resist buff),
    Wisdom (% chance to reduce all elemental dmg),
    Elemental (% chance to greatly reduce a specific element),
    Indomitable (% chance to reduce dmg taken),
    Tent (% chance to reduce mag dmg taken),
    Flexible (% chance to increase mspd when hit),
    Vitality (% chance for stun resist buff),
    Life (% chance to recover hp when hit),
    Mana (% chance to recover mp when hit).

    You may mix these prefixes for some good combinations, such as PvP (Bear is useful when you're stuck in some crazy hits), or PvE (Indomitable/Tent can reduce a reasonable amount of damage from nasty bosses like Apocalypse.)

    Personally I find 
    Life to be pretty good, as you get a ton of mana on enhancement now, and no bonus stats. With a 5 second cooldown on Life activation, a ton of HP, you can stack life for some super healing!

    In terms of Weaponry, well same deal, except you have a chance to super hurt someone with an effect, but only applies to NORMAL (left click) hit. I believe I do not need to explain how amazingly gay that is.

    Because of this, Destruction (for phys) and Magic (for mag) are the top** for what you should get on your equips, because you generally get a higher boost in atk, with no regard to the amazing additional dmg boost provided it had worked on skills..

    **There is an exception to chars that strike fast with normal attacks though. This new system benefits Axe Mercs and Crossbow Archers the most. with the speed in these equips you could get a life secondary and leech health like nothing from any monster or boss. So unevened but what can you do :|

    For accessories, you just want stats that benefit your total damage/health output more. Yey.
    -Permanent Cash Shop sets are helpful too, as they give increased Stats for wearing a set!
    You can push the good stats out of your equipment by enhancing them at the Black Smith, but if you go over +6 there's a chance you'll break them!

    Biggest tip for enhancing :
    If you fail twice on the same equipment, that's enough for the day :|
    Whenever I fail twice, I fail 4-6 more times afterwards, and I noticed this recurring pattern around me as other people enhance their items.
    (You can see if someone's enhancing cos an icon appears above their head.)

    Anyways, you can flaunt your amazing equipment all you want, but it's no good at all until you unleash its potential :|

    In order to get some real power going you're gonna want to break out the potential on your equips.
    How do you do that? You get your hands on some of these :


    Applying these to the specified equipment will release its potential in blue when you check your equips.

    What stats could you get from Potential?

    For Weapons, Armor, and Accessories :
    HP, MP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit

    Weapons / Rings Only :
    Phys, Magic, Fire, Water, Light, Dark Atk

    Necklace, Earrings, and Armor Only :
    Critical Resist, Stun Resist, Delay Resist, Fire, Water, Light, Dark Def

    Weapons Only :
    Critical, Stun, MP Recovery, Magic Def

    You will get a mix of these stats randomly when you code a weapon/armor/accessory.
    -The stats are percentages (ex : Phys Atk 5.8%, Power 4.5%, Agi 4.5% up on an Epic-grade weapon).

    Note : If you buy / obtain an Epic-grade equipment, and it's something you like, potential it first before unsealing!

    If you were to code a destruction weapon with stats like the one above in the example, it would be very powerful and sell for a lot ;w
    ..and if you got a bad one, you could scrap, resell it, or wipe the potential with a destruction code if you spent time to get it +10 or higher.
    (destruction code is a bit on the expensive side though ;-;)

    How can I get Potential codes now?
    With the new system you can do runs and receive tons of them! Doing Abyss runs nets you epic potential codes, and rarely destruction codes. You can even disassemble Epic Potential Codes for Destruction Codes! It's best to disassemble diamond / crystal codes as theyre the cheapest to transform.

    3.2 - ARMs (Heraldry :|).
    Anyways you can't expect Equipment to be the end. The Heraldry System provides you with a lot more power!
    If you hit P in game and click the ARMs tab, you'll see there's a giant circular area with several indentations.

    Outer 8 Slots are for Enhancement ARMs
    Enhancement Arms consist of:

    Phys Atk, Magic Atk,
    HP, MP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit,
    Crit, Stun, MP Recovery,
    Phys Def, Magic Def,
    and Ultimate Plates.

    *Note : When you create a Plate for one of these Stats, There's a possibility you can get bonus stats!
    (ex: You create a Lv40 Epic VIT Plate (Basic :80Vit, 7% more total Vit), but when you do so, you have additional phys atk +59 on it!)

    Inner 4 Slots are for Skill ARMs
    Skill Arms consist of: Just about any skill you have. :| Yeah that was anti-climactic.

    The central slot is for Special ARMs, which you obtain from Nest Bosses. Allows you to use special skills!
    -Ranges from being able to summon a cow, dog, tentacles, to shooting fireballs out of your ass (hand, but ass would be much better ;w).

    You can obtain Epic-grade (best) plates from :
    - Cerberus, Manticore, Apocalypse Nest runs
    - ARM Scholars in town (Buy them with Dimensional Pieces)
    - The Market

    You can obtain Rare-grade (meh) plates from :
    - Colosseum
    - The Market!
    - Pretty much anywhere.

    3.3 - Titles.
    I won't go into much detail here, as I've already made a guide to netting yourself the best title!

    Accomplishing certain things will reward you with Achievements, some of them being titles.
    -You can wear these titles to improve your stats.
    -You can flaunt the silly ones for others to see while masking one you use for stats as well.

    Learn more about titles in my other guide found here!

    *Note : For those creating a new character, it's best to work on the Hidden Title (Pg10) as it's the easiest one to obtain for powerful stats!

    3.4 - Final Attack!
    This is a powerful stat you can receive in the game!
    Its effectiveness is based on three things :

    -How powerful you are,
    -How much of that final damage you got,
    -What level you are vs. Other mobs.

    Being decked out with godly equipment is vital to this stat, as it increases your total damage by a percentage.

    You cannot see a direct stat info of how effective Final Attack is, but..

    Chaose5 created a nifty guide that looks into Final Damage. With recent changes I can't be effed to explain it briefly :| 

    Epic right? Well you can obtain Final dmg from :
    - Nest Equipment Set (ex : Judgement Apocalypse Set)
    - Nest Accessories (ex : Dawn of Manticore Set)
    - Ultimate Plate (Adds Final Dmg)
    - Bonus Stat on other plates (ex : crafting a Destruction Plate with +49 Bonus Final Dmg!)

    As far as I know, you can obtain Final Dmg on any enhancement plate as a bonus stat.

    *This stat has no use in Dark Lair. Mobs are put 20 levels above max expected level in the game (120, negating level for Final Dmg)

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