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Game: Dragon Nest
Version: North America [Nexon]
Server: Velskud (West)
Name: Yggdrasil
Level: 10 (as of 04/23/2012)
Total Members: 100 +/-
  • Label: Yggdrasil
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  • Port: 9778

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    (Pt. 2) Beginner's Guide

    Game Interface
    1.1 - Menu options
    1.2 - Changing your Controls To Something More Bearable
    1.3 - Becoming a hotkey fanatic
    1.4 - Chat Functions

    Quests, Leveling, Apprenticeship
    2.1 - Become a Visual Learner
    2.2 - Empowerment Points
    2.3 - Having Friends Make Your EXP Happy!
    2.4 - The Master and the Apprentice

    Getting to Know Your Character
    3.1 - Stats, Equipment, Prefix, and Potential
    3.2 - ARMs (or Heraldry, whatever the hell you wanna call it)
    3.3 - Titles
    3.4 - Final Attack

    Lovers, Marketplace, and Profit!
    4.1 - Abyss Mode and Putting your Master/Apprentice to good use
    4.2 - NPCs love you! Become a Pimp :|
    4.3 - Trash that Shouldn't Be Trashed
    4.4 - The Marketplace

    What Else Is There to Do?
    5.1 - The Dark Lair
    5.2 - The Arena
    5.3 - The Farm
     - Chaos Realm

    Quests, Leveling, Apprenticeship!
    Well what did you expect from an MMO?

    Quests in this game tend to be of significant importance, as in, if you don't do the main ones, you can't continue.
    If you don't do some side quests, you'll be missing out on a lot of useful things.

    2.1 - Become a Visual Learner
    Some features were added to the game to make getting around just that much easier, provided you lack reading comprehension or are particularly blind to text. :|

    Press U in game to bring up your quests. As you can see you have Main Quests and Side Quests.
    As you may see, there are these nifty little check boxes you can hit to show the quest on your right side of the screen that will guide you.

    Also, many quests give you a visual image of the place or person you need to go to. You'll become familiar with these places later on.

    Types of Quest Bubbles there are to help you figure out what you need to do :


    Not shown : The flag symbol. Means you need to rescue someone in your immediate vicinity.

    2.2 - Empowerment Points
    This is the PWR bar a.k.a. the Slavery/Grind/Gaybar! bar. Still the same thing as I see it. Refer to the Master-Apprentice System to see why.

    The effect of this system is that it rewards the players with bonus experience when running dungeons on a weekly and daily basis. This comes at a cost, though: points, which are measured by the "PWR" bar at the bottom of the screen, are consumed upon running dungeons. The cost becomes more expensive as the dungeons' difficulty level requirement is increased, and, when all points have been consumed, the effect will no longer take place for that day.

    Players receive 700 points daily, and 1000 points weekly. They do not stack, and the system consumes daily points before weekly points. However, in the current Open Beta, the weekly points are not present.

    2.3 - Having Friends Makes Your EXP Happy!
    Most MMOs tend to kill EXP gain when in a party, and the solo grind is supposed to be the greatest thing ever.

    A "friend bonus" icon () will appear below your HP/MP bar indicating that you are running a dungeon with a friend.

    - You get 15% more exp by being with someone whose on your friends list and vice versa.
    - You get an additional 15% for each run you do together in a party.
    - Maximum of +15% friend, +45% continuous run, for a total of +60% more exp!

    The bonus stays as long as a minimum of two people keep the party together.
    - Once you're the last man/bear/pig standing that bonus disappears.

    2.4 - The Master and the Apprentice
    So Dragon Nest has this nifty function called the Master-Apprentice System.

    If you're under level 30, you can enroll to someone who is 30+ as an Apprentice, and vice versa.

    Now there's a number of benefits to gain from this system, such as :

    - This little thing right here () provides you with a 10% exp bonus. You can stack that with friend / continuous party bonus.
    - You can have up to 3 Masters. Doing runs with all 3 of them will give you an additional 10% per master, 5% per student.
    - Increased drop and chance of White Abyss Bunny appearing at the end of an Abyss run when with a Master.
    - Abyss modes for any run in the Ironwood Village - Mana Ridge - Carderock Pass region will provide you with a guaranteed Dimension Key at the end of a run until the student hits level 24.
    - You could also summon your master if they're in the same region as you. (towns only)
    - Every 5 levels you get a present from both sides. Apprentice receives accessories, while the Master receives Gems and garbage.
    - You gain more presents as a lv1-30 with Master compared to being level 20-30 with Master.

    If you want to master/apprentice someone directly without receiving random students, right click them and choose the application button at the very bottom.

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