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Sorceress questions
AizonDate: Wednesday, 21/Mar/12, 12:54 PM | Message # 1
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Hey guys, I've just gotten my Mystic to Level 30 and my Elementalist has been at 40 for some time now. If you have any questions, me, Susu, or any experienced Sorceress can answer your questions here!

PS: If it's about PvP, ask Susumu! happy happy happy

Added (21/Mar/12, 12:54 PM)

As a Sorceress, you want to stay out of the main group of the fight: as a Mystic, we have 2 blinks and tons of long range damage, and as an Elementalist, we have tons of freezes and some long range damage. If you are doing Nests or Dungeons solo, make sure you focus on mobs mechanics, as avoiding a simple slow or snare from an enemy can be the difference between losing tons of health and surviving. Learn to use [Shift] to Blink around rapidly and dodge incoming blows; however, timing Blink right can allow you to throw in another spell or dodge abilities normally. On boss fights with a lot of moving, it is recommended to learn the boss fight first to know when Blink is absolutely necessary.


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Forum » Classes » Sorceresses » Sorceress questions
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