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Acrobat Analysis and Resources [INCOMPLETE]
TenshiDate: Monday, 06/Feb/12, 7:18 PM | Message # 1
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Before we begin, I would like to share a little background of myself on Dragon Nest. I started playing the game around 2010 on the Chinese version, started off with an Acrobat and advanced to a Tempest (because I love 1v1 PvP where Tempests have more advantage over Wind Walkers).

Late 2010 or early 2011, news came out that Nexon will be releasing Dragon Nest on the North America region. I decided to transfer over to NA DN for better connectivity, service and help out new Acrobats!

This guide is a summary of mostly what I learned through my experience at CDN. I will include videos on combos and other stuff too!

Acrobats are known for their mobility, elusiveness and ability to chain combos with most of their skills. To be an effective Acrobat, you should have fast reflexes, good control, decent aiming and awareness. The problem with most Acrobats I play with is that they don't use their evasion skills and iframes (certain parts of a skill where you are invulnerable to attacks) to their fullest potential considering that our class is one of the squishiest in the game. Another is that they don't chain their skills very well dealing less damage than they are supposed to.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, your Acrobat gameplay will improve.

Twin Shot. 4.5-second cooldown. Two arrows are better than one! Fires two arrows in quick succession. This is your most spammed skill. It deals around 1-2k per arrow x 2 if you have a decent Phys damage.

I've seen builds where Twin Shot was either left at level 1 or maxed to level 17. I left mine at level 13. Works well in both PvE and PvP. The range of this skill is 3m more than the shortbow range which is 7m.
Piercing Shot. 10-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Multi Shot. An arrow that pierces through your target and hits those behind it. Rarely used in both PvE and PvP due to the long animation.

I personally use it in PvP when the situation allows it since it deals 3k (normal) to 5k (critical, which happens quite often) and has a good range. Leave it at level 2.
Spin Kick.Pressing the right mouse button will allow your character to do a roundhouse kick. Can be chained to Blooming Kick after pressing the right mouse button twice. Rarely used in PvE and PvP. I use this to chain advanced combos to add some extra 1-2k damage. Leave at level 1.
Low Spin Kick. "Press the special attack button near a knocked down enemy to perform a low roundhouse kick on them, slightly launching them." Can be chained to High Spin Kick. Rarely used in PvE and PvP (very dangerous as they could counter you with their rising attacks). Leave at level 1.
Tumble. 6/2.6-second cooldown. Often used to start your combos and dodge attacks. Can be chained to Chain Tumble, Spiral Kick or Spirit Shot. Max it (level 5)!
Moon Kick. Press the right mouse button while in the air to do a downward (gravity + heels = painful) kick. One of my favorite skills. Very useful in starting/sustaining combos. Leave at level 1.
Willow Kick. 12-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Air Pounce. Similar to Chun Li's "Spinning Bird Kick". The last kick will launch your humanoid target(s) into the air. This is a great juggling skill but makes you vulnerable to counter-attacks. Best used for target(s) that are stunned, flinched or about to fall to juggle them back into the air. Leave it at level 4.
Multi Shot. 28-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Ring Shot. Fires 7 arrows in a cone. The closer your target(s) is/are, the more arrows it/they will eat, the more painful it is. This also makes your target flinch. I've seen builds where they max out this skill. I left mine at level 8. Used often in PvE and PvP.
Pin Wheel. 16-second cooldown. Pressing the left mouse button while laying on the ground will force a mini-Willow Kick as you stand up. Can be chained to Butterfly Float to jump right out of the ground. Leave at level 1.
High Spin Kick. You can only execute this move on knocked down target(s). Rarely used in PvE and PvP (dangerous to pull off in PvP). Leave it at 0.
Magic Arrow. 13-second cooldown. "Fires a magical arrow that creates a small explosion on contact." I used to love this skill way back at the level 24 cap due to its range, flinching effect and decent AoE range but I noticed that I almost never use it at the 32 cap and above. Leave it at 0.
Somersault Kick. 3-second cooldown. Can be chained to Somersault Dance. Only executable on stunned target(s) (say, post-Blooming Kick), post-Marionette or post-Hurricane Dance. Sounds like a useless skill, right? You're wrong, Blooming Kick and Marionette both have a decent cooldown. This skill is essential in both PvE and PvP to be able to chain longer combos! Leave it at level 1.
Power Tumble. 20/14-second cooldown. A Tumble usable only while being attacked. This skill is a necessity for both PvE and PvP but doesn't necessarily have to be maxed (5). Can be chained to Chain Tumble, Spiral Kick or Spirit Shot. I left mine at level 3.
Wisdom of the Owl. 60-second cooldown. "Increases your Critical Chance for 15 seconds. The chance for critical hits will increase as skill level increases." As you gain more AGI from leveling up or items, your critical chance will also increase so this skill will be obsolete as you reach the 30+ levels. Leave it at level 0.
Aerial Evasion. 30/18.5-second cooldown. Can be chained to Moon Kick, Eagle Dive, Butterfly Float or Falling Star. This skill allows you to recover (get back on your feet... in the air) from attack(s) while you are in the air. A must-have skill for both PvE and PvP! Max it (5)!
Mental Fortitude. "Increases max MP by a percentage amount. The % of maximum MP rises as the skill is leveled." You can max this or raise it above level 1 only if you solo dungeons/nests (PvE), else leave it at 1 or 0 if you don't do PvE that much or if you PvP often. I have mine at level 1.
Fury of the Owl. 300-second cooldown. Yes, 300 seconds = roughly 5 minutes of cooldown but it gives you and your party 600% critical chance for 10 seconds. Be sure to get this skill since it only costs zero (0) SP!
Health Bolster. "Increases max HP by a percentage amount. The higher level this skill is, the more maximum HP is gained." Same rules apply as Mental Fortitude.
Attuned Mind. "Increases your MP recovery by a percentage amount every minute. The higher level this skill is, the more MP will be recovered per minute." Same rules apply as Mental Fortitude and Health Bolster.

Kick Shot 9-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Kick Shot EX (Tempest). Usually used to initiate a combo. It is also one of your several iframe moves. You can dodge short-duration attacks (e.g. warrior's Impact Punch, archer's Piercing Shot, sharpshooter's Ankle Shot, etc). You have iframes during the whole dash animation and ends before the tumble back animation so it's really short. Use this skill to kick target(s) into the air.

Best used for target(s) that are stunned, flinched or about to fall to juggle them back into the air. Can be chained to Marionette for a Somersault combo (Somersault Kick + Somersault Dance). If you are going the Tempest path, raise this to level 11. For Windwalkers, leave it at 2.
Air Pounce 8-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Eagle Dive. Air Pounce sustains a combo. This skill allows you to kick your opponent downwards while you are in the air up to 3 times at level 1-5 and up to 5 times at level 6. Can be chained to Moon Kick or Eagle Dive. I have mine at level 3 as a requirement for Eagle Dive.
Spiral Kick 11-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Spiral Kick EX (Windwalker) This is one of my favorite iframe skills since you can avoid dangerous skills such as Flying Swing, Circle Swing, Time Stop, Fireball, Frenzied Charge, Halfmoon Slash, or any short-to-medium-duration skills. The iframe lasts from start until the green spiraling wind effect around you is gone.

This skill is usually used to start a combo. Spiral Kick > Willow Kick or Spiral Kick to Kick Shot. If you are going the Windwalker path, raise this to level 9. For Tempests, leave it at 3.
Spirit Shot 7-second cooldown. Only usable during a Tumble or Butterfly Float but it is a must have skill! It flinches your target(s) and also allows you to extend your dashes (Chain Tumble > Spirit Shot > Butterfly Float) to chase down or close-in to your target(s). Leave at level 1.
Eagle Dive 14-second cooldown. A small area-of-effect skill that breaks/counters almost all skills (even another Eagle Dive!) except for several ones like Flying Swing, Fire/Ice Shield, Shield Charge, or any high Super-Armored skills. The cons for this skill are: it is fairly easy to avoid or counter and that you need to be in the air to use it. Leave it at level 3.
Marionette 13-second cooldown. This skill fires a rope in a cone in front of you and pulls your target(s) towards you. Can be chained to Somersault Kick, Blooming Kick, Kick Shot or Furious Winds.
Chain Tumble 15/7.174-second cooldown. A must have! This skill extends your Tumble skill significantly and grants you iframes for the whole duration of the skill. Can be chained to Spiral Kick, Eagle Dive, Spirit Shot or Air Pounce. I have mine at level 7. I recommend that you equip a Chain Tumble -20% cooldown reduction crest.
Spiritual Focus 9-second cooldown. A generic Acrobat/Sharpshooter buff. It increases your AGI by 15-24.5%. Leave it at level 2.
Blooming Kick 15-second cooldown. Also known as "kick-to-the-balls/face kick", this skill stuns your target (due to the enormous pain from their balls) with a 90-100% chance of success. Usually used after Ring Shot and chained into the somersault combo.
Somersault Dance A skill that's only usable after Somersault Kick, this skill does a lot of hits and damage while granting you invulnerability for the whole duration of the animation. I have mine at level 2.
Ring Shot 16-second cooldown. A prerequisite for Counter Ring Shot. Also known as "get-out-of-my-way shot", this skill grants you invulnerability from the start of the jump until the peak of your jump while knocking your target(s) away from you. This skill counters or breaks almost all skills with several exceptions (refer to Eagle Dive). Can be chained into Butterfly Float > Eagle Dive or after upon landing, chase your target(s) and use a Blooming Kick to further punish them. Leave it at level 2.
Furious Winds 23-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Nature's Rage (ultimate). A multi-hit area-of-effect skill that deals tons of damage to your target(s) around you. Can be chained to Spiral Kick, Kick Shot or Cyclone Kick. I have mine at level 7.
Counter Ring Shot 45-second cooldown. Yup, another Ring Shot (but more like, "stay-away-from-me shot"). Only usable while being attacked in the air (after pressing the left mouse button) to counter and knock your target(s) away from you.
Spirit Boost 54-second cooldown. A "blacklisted" skill in PvP due to its steroidal effects, this skill grants you and your party members 30-40% attack and movement speed boost and -40% to -50% skill cooldown reduction. A must have for PvE Acrobats. I have mine at level 1.
Cyclone Kick 23-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Falling Star (ultimate). Cyclone Kick grants you invulnerability on the first two kicks and does a decent damage (but no invulnerability) on the consecutive kicks. Can be chained into Eagle Dive after the cyclone animation or Butterfly Float before or after the cyclone part.
Nature's Rage 90-second cooldown. Another "blacklisted" skill in PvP. This semi-AoE skill dishes out tons of damage and is especially deadly against huge bosses. Reduces incoming both physical and magical damage by 50%.
Butterfly Float 8/3-second cooldown. As long as your feet are off the ground, you can use this skill to float forward or backward. Can also be used during Pin Wheel and chained into Eagle Dive. You are invulnerable only during the tumble part, the rest, you can be hit.
Shortbow Mastery -second cooldown. Increases your attack range by 0.15/0.30/0.45/0.60/0.75/0.90m and your damage by 3/3.7/4.5/5.2/6/6.7% while using a shortbow.
Falling Star 90-second cooldown. Another "blacklisted" skill in PvP. This skill dishes out a decent damage in a very wide area. Great for wiping out groups of monsters.

Evade Prerequisite for Hurricane Dance. A passive skill that evades short to medium duration skills at 20/21.5% chance at level 1/2. Spirit Shot, Spiral Kick or Butterfly Float can be used during this skill. A must have even though it's not that reliable but when it does activate, it can save you from powerful skills such as Frenzied Charge [SM], Halfmoon Slash [SM], Fireball [EL], Summon Comet [MY], Electric Smite [PA]
Hurricane Dance 37-second cooldown. I'd say this is the Tempest's signature move. This skill unleashes a powerful 30 -/+ hit combo that nullifies your opponent's invincibility and blocking (super armor, clerics' Block skill, etc) status. In PvE, this works best on huge single targets but can also be used on tightly packed group of monsters. In PvP, it is best used after the Kick Shot EX dashing animation, Blooming Kick, Ring Shot or any event where your opponent can't evade an attack (stunned, falling to the ground, etc).
Kick Shot EX 9-second cooldown. Any EX skill improves the range and damage of the original skill. As for Kick Shot EX, the sliding part now becomes a long dashing animation but still gives full invulnerability. The kick part now has a wider area of effect and is activated after pressing the left mouse button during the dash. You can now get longer iframes to dash through short to medium duration skills.

Wind Walker
Show Time 60/56-second cooldown. Prerequisite for Rising Storm. A skill that when activated, reduces cooldown of all passive skills by 90% such as Tumble, Spirit Shot, Spiral Kick, Chain Tumble, Butterfly Float, Air Pounce, Moon Kick and others. As of now, the best way to utilize this is by using this combo: Tumble > Butterfly Float > Spirit Shot > Butterfly Float > Spiral Kick > Butterfly Float > Spirit Shot > Butterfly Float > Spiral Kick and so on and so forth. This skill is preferably used on PvE due to monsters having a wider hit box but is still viable on PvP for Tumble CD or the said combo.
[img][/img] -second cooldown.
Spiral Kick EX 11-second cooldown. This skill improves Spiral Kick's area of effect and range. It also allows you to use Spirit Shot when the left mouse button is pressed during the skill or a Kick-Shot-like kick that makes your target airborne when the right mouse button is pressed. I've seen some Windwalkers skipping this skill because of the increased range which makes it harder to connect with the target.

Recommended Crests
Depending on your budget, you can either buy the Quality (blue) or the Superb (orange) plate.


  • Chain Tumble cooldown -16% | -20% (PvP)
  • Butterfly Float animation speed 30% | 50% (PvP)
  • Somersault Dance damage 10% | 20% (PvE/PvP)
  • Furious Winds animation speed 30% | 50% (PvP)
  • Eagle Dive damage 10% | 20% (PvE/PvP)
  • Spiral Kick cooldown 8% | 12% (PvP)


  • Hurricane Dance damage 10% | 20% (PvE/PvP)


  • Show Time buff duration 16% | 20% (PvE)
  • Rising Storm damage 10% | 20% (PvE)

Possible Combos

Skill Builds





So, tell me more about this... festival...
AizonDate: Tuesday, 07/Feb/12, 12:44 PM | Message # 2
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Hooray! Time to roll me an Acro!

"If something is done for the right reasons, it is because that action was done for someone else!"

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