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Moon Lord/Lunar Knight Magic Build
KazDate: Saturday, 10/Mar/12, 2:55 PM | Message # 1
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Kaz's ML/LK Magic-based Build!

Hola guys/gals!
I've been looking at builds for awhile now, trying to find reasoning for adding/leaving certain skills.
So I figured why not just ask the pro people in the guild? wink
This is what I SHOULD have aimed my 40 build at...

[Click To Enlarge]

Keep in mind that before I joined the guild, I added SP to stuff like Impact Punch and Heavy Slash. baka
So unless I spend all my NX to reset, I'll just salvage what I can.
Also, yes, this is a PVE build.
NOW, my reasoning for the build I was aiming for at 40:

Tumble/Aerial Evasion/Health Bolster: MAX
Pretty self-explanatory. Gotta jump & roll like a baws.
HP Bolster since I'm going magic, my HP won't be as high as others who favor VIT.

Rising Slash: 6
At level 6, you gain 2 more upward juggling attacks.
The only reason I'd knock this off is if Counter Exile doesn't chain after it?
I know you can right-click and do uhh...Drop Kick? But I find that skill rather cumbersome.

Impact Wave: 10
I know, I know. Everyone criticizes this skill as not useful at later levels.
But what can I say, it's my favorite skill and helps me break a lot of shields. yes
I set it to level 10 for now, as it increases the range to 7m instead of 4m.
Contemplating raising it more, as it gets +150-200 m.atk per level.

Brush Off: 2
Why level 2 you say? Especially when level 4 knocks off 3 status effects?
Well, because what decent SM gets hit w/ that many status effects at once? biggrin
May increase to 4 if at higher nests, the bosses are douches.

Mental Fortitude: 2 / Attuned Mind: 1
Doesn't hurt to have more MP [Recovery]
Would raise it higher, but seeing as I'll be INT-based, I'll have plenty of MP already.
I never really go below 50% MP as is...

Dash Slash/Combo: 1
I traded Dash Kick for these 2 skills, as they're a GREAT way to enter a fray.
Also, you can tumble sideways/backwards and use them, instead of just forward.
Can even kill some of the weaker mobs w/ this alone.

Luring Slice: 4
+30% damage?! Sign me up!
Your teammates will thank you, as you can deal a LOT of damage in 15 seconds.
I will definitely be increasing this when I get high enough level.

Parry: 1
10 seconds may not seem like a lot to some, but if you know your enemy, you can block some really damaging attacks.
Plus, Counter Wave is a really great way to deal a little extra damage.
I want to raise this higher, but I can't justify spending the points right now...

Cyclone Slash: 6
Simple, at level 6 you gain a much bigger cyclone and can drag up/juggle lots of enemies.
Great way to keep large mobs preoccupied while you setup for skills like Crescent Cleave & Half-Moon Slash.

Crescent Cleave: 5
At level 5, you gain 5 waves instead of one.
Can thin out mobs and if you're at the right range by a boss, you can deal massive damage.

Counter Exile: 1
You may say that for PVE, this isn't really necessary.
Honestly, I'd love to have that extra recover, even if I only use it now and then. sweat

You may ask why I left out Frenzied Charge/Line Drive...
All I hear about this skill is nothing but good things.
Saying that w/ larger mobs, you can deal some crazy damage.
I do want to get this, but spending all that SP on pre-reqs...I'm short on SP as is.
Left out Destructive Swing and Soccer Kick for the same reasoning.

SP Spent: 354
Warrior: 129/250
Sword Master: 229/250
SP Left: 46

Now, my MoonLord/LunarKnight build [v2]:

[Click To Enlarge]
Old Build Here

Can anyone tell me if you get a reset at job change?
Otherwise, I'll have to use my 40 reset to begin this build.
Anyways...on to the logic!

Took out the following since it's no longer applicable.

Lack of kicks? I figure it's free SP by not adding these.
Can help me get more damage on my main skills.
Line Drive left out?
Same reasoning as above, but also left out because of the following:
Dual Ultimates!
I'm not high enough yet, but I've read that when you unlock an ultimate, you unlock both, without pre-reqs.
Correct me if I'm wrong, before I mess up my build, hah.
Level 4 Parry? Are you mad?!
No, not quite. I just see it as a reasonable level to keep at.
16 seconds seems long enough to parry a few attacks, especially in large nests.
Upped Luring Slice to 7?
For the same reasoning above, more damage = faster kills.
+40% damage is a LOT. The +2% after that seems negligible, unless I have spare SP.
Why leave Moon Blade Dance at 1?
Because, who knows what future updates will bring.
The .8% and +36 m.atk doesn't seem worth it for 5 SP at the moment...
EDIT: Added Triple Slash and Aerial Combo per the advice of Mad & Hypno.
I'll test this once I hit 40, because as of now, I'm super low on SP.
Also lowered Impact Wave to 4; you guys just want to take everything from me don't you! cry

SP Spent: 451
Warrior: 103/312
Sword Master: 303/312
Moon Lord/Lunar Knight: 45/312
SP Left: 49

And that's all folks!
As you can see, I have a bit of SP to spare.
I'll use those to up skills as I see fit, depending on play style and nests.
Any questions and I will be happy to answer them.
I'm definitely looking for guidance, as this is my main and I'm not very knowledgeable. stoop

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TenshiDate: Sunday, 11/Mar/12, 8:51 AM | Message # 2
Group: Guild Leader
Messages: 155
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Thanks Kaz for the build! I have no knowledge on warrior skill builds. Maybe Madaraa could help since he's a magic-based warrior too.

So, tell me more about this... festival...
MadaraaDate: Sunday, 11/Mar/12, 10:41 PM | Message # 3
Group: Officer
Messages: 20
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I suggest you follow this build. http://dn.mmosite.com/news....e.shtml
your losing a lot of mobility by losing utility skills like rising, dash slash/combo and triple. You need those skills to break through the enemy.
Also your wasting a a lot of your SP on impact wave. It's not a good skill to use as one of the main dps skill of moonlords.
If you need me to clarify why please ask because there's a lot of things that i want to say but I'm really lazy to write lol.
Forgive me wacko

KazDate: Monday, 12/Mar/12, 5:00 PM | Message # 4
Group: Guild Member
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Yeah, Dash Slash was a big worry of mine. But with all the spare SP I had w/ that build, I could get it.
Even now, w/ Rising Slash 6 on my SM, I almost never use it.
Maybe it's my play style, maybe it's cause I set the hot-key too far that I have to stretch my finger to hit it.
I really only use it when all my other skills are on CD.
I'm almost always using Impact Wave cause it travels far as f*ck and hits at least 4x for me.
Even more if that mob is larger.
Does about 1-2k dmg as is, so that's 3-6k dmg every time I cast it.
I know that's not "main dps" dmg, but it seems alright for a backup skill.
A lot more than Eclipse anyways, which I only use as a finisher or after Dash Slash/Combo.

As for Triple Slash and Aerial Combo, would I be using those a lot?
I didn't want to get Aerial Combo because I didn't know if it was a recover skill or just an attack I have to be in air for.
If I leave off Impact Wave, that's 18SP I could use to get Triple Slash and Aerial Combo.
So if need be, I guess that's an option.
Idk, that's partially why I left so many SP behind, so I could have leeway to work with.

HypnozizDate: Tuesday, 13/Mar/12, 11:13 AM | Message # 5
Group: Officer
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Do not continue on without Triple Slash. It's an amazing skill (and can hit many enemies at once). It also pushes the enemy back and pretty much keeps them in front of you so you don't waste any swings. I've noticed that with my SM, I tend to get so skill-crazy that I pass the enemy or boss and have to turn around to face them again. With Triple Slash, this doesn't really happen.

For me, Aerial Combo really shines when it comes to Gobersia. With everything coming at you from all different directions, it lets you pick yourself up off the floor and send out some damage (when you land, it does slight AoE as well!). That's not to say that Gobersia is the only useful time for the skill. I use it in dungeons and nests as well. It's just an all around solid skill and mostly an ass-saver if you get surrounded and can't get all the enemies off you. It's not a recovery skill, it just requires that you're in the air when you left-click.
KazDate: Wednesday, 14/Mar/12, 11:47 AM | Message # 6
Group: Guild Member
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Updated my post to reflect the loving advice of my knowledgeable guildies. thumb
After reflecting on my runs, I sometimes get juggled and it's the most infuriating thing ever.
So getting Aerial Combo will definitely help with that.
Still skeptical about Triple Slash, but it's a pre-req, so whatever.
Lowered Impact Wave, even though I love it. cry
My build seems so generic now...
But I guess don't fix what ain't broken?

PS: For Gobersia, I just run around 'til everyone's following me, then throw out a H.M. Slash and destroy them, lol.
Fun stuff to see like 30 mobs go down in 1 hit.

Message edited by Kaz - Wednesday, 14/Mar/12, 11:55 AM
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